Tales of Duo Cello Jaya

”Tales of Duo Cello Jaya” is the first Romanian album  that proposes a repertoire for two cellos.

”The sound of the cello resonates far away into our inner stories labyrinth and manages to surface the deepest and most glamorous meanings within. We want to inspire our listeners through marvellous representations, deeply connected to the musicality of the human voice.” Ella Bokor, Mircea Marian

The fairy tale charm of the cello comes alive through the program proposed by the two performers, Ella Bokor and Mircea Marian, the album including works by Jean-Baptiste Barrière, Sebastian Lee, Johann Benjamin Gross, Jacques Offenbach, Camille Saint-Saëns, David Popper and Aurelian Băcan.

The album was launched at the “Tales” National Tour, held from 19th  to 31st  of March 2016 in the cities of Sibiu, Târgu – Mureș, Craiova, Sinaia, Bucharest and Pitești, having performed alongside two guests: actress Ioana Flora and soprano Veronica Anuşca. Together they managed to express a unique sound ambient in a new performance designed to get the audience closer to the untold resonances of the cello.

Tales of Duo Cello Jaya – Produced by Svetz Records for UCIMR, through the “Oportunități la tine acasă” program.


Details on:  www.ucimr.ro
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