“Duo Cello Jaya is one of the best chamber music ensembles in our country. Their style is contoured perfectly through accuracy and virtuosity. It is a real pleasure to see them perform.

They are both cellists – very well formed soloists, expressing beautiful sounds through a well established technique. They always manage to complete each other perfectly; Ella is very precise, while Mircea is really calm and romantic. I am really thrilled to see them perform on Romanian stages!”

Alexandra Guțu, RADIO ROMANIA CULTURAL.RO, 03.15.2016


“Among the joys that a professor has is to fulfill his profession through the existence of performers upon he wished to reach the highest possible level; these young people proved through everything they do, and they do quite a lot, playing concerts and constantly creating, finding repertoire, diversifying their repertoire in order to enjoy the music themselves but mostly bringing joy to the audience”

Marin Cazacu, RADIO ROMANIA CULTURAL.RO, 04.09.2014

“Duo Cello Jaya is a spectacular project of utmost quality that I full heartedly recommend, to anyone and anywhere good music is supposed to belong”

Răzvan Suma

“Elite instrumentalists of their generation, the two members of Duo Cello Jaya address an ample repertoire, with seriousness and desire to perfect, characteristics of professional ensembles, directly impressing both the general and specialty audiences through the profoundness of musical thinking, through expressiveness and intensity of their artistic feeling, through behavior and ardent passion for music.”

Marin Cazacu
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