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“We all noticed the ensemble’s evolution in terms of value, the homogeneity, virtuosity, themed reliefs expressed intelligently, the ease of approaching various styles coupled with the authenticity of every age’s rendition – such is the manner that acclaimed cellist Marin Cazacu used in order to recommend his disciples, reunited in the Jaya duo.

We might say that the dialogue between the two cellos offered by the duo during the concert held in the Small Hall of Romanian Athenaeum was strongly guided by their passion of offering quality music to the audience.

Since 2012, Ella Bokor and Mircea Marian are part of Duo Cello Jaya – a unique ensemble through the ample and diverse repertoire rarely heard in concert halls, ranging from baroque to jazz, original or arranged for two cellos. Two musicians with extensive stage activity, gained both individually and in chamber ensemble, cellists Ella Bokor and Mircea Marian showed greatness, passion and professionalism through a vast repertoire. On 8th of April, Ella Bokor and Mircea Marian opted for works by Gliere, Popper and Sollima, partly due to their master, cellist Marin Cazacu.

“Ella Bokor and Mircea Marian are two musicians whom I fully support because I like them very much, they already are formed personalities of Romanian music, I whole heartedly enjoy their success. They played many prestigious venues, not only in Romania, but also in foreign countries; their program for tonight was absolutely stunning…works of Reinhold Gliere – 10 outstanding pieces for cello, One suite for two cellos by David Popper and one piece from Italian cellist Giovanni Sollima – Violoncelles. They have such a beautiful tone, according to their own specific nature. It is a real joy and pride for me to know that this generation of young cellists are following a performance path that may become a model for the younger generations of cellists.” – Marin Cazacu

duo cello jaya violoncellissimo

Cello recital 
Tuesday, 08 April 2014, 19:00 – 20:00
Romanian Athenaeum / the Small Hall

Duo Cello Jaya


Reinhold Glière – Cello Duets, op. 53
David Popper – Suite op. 16
Giovanni Sollima – Violoncelles, vibrez!
Guest: Violoncellissimo Ensemble

Coproducer: the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company

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